Ted Cruz is making Donald Trump look not so horrible

The more Ted Cruz talks, the smarter Donald Trump looks.
Cruz wants the police to patrol/target “Muslim neighborhoods” in the United States. Anyone wearing an “I’m a radical Islamic” t-shirt or an “I’m with Muhammad” t-shirt would be arrested and sent straight to Gitmo, which is in Cuba, where President Obama watched a baseball game, which got all the GOP panties in a wad.
The New York City police commissioner didn’t think much of Cruz’s idea to have the cops cruise the Muslim neighborhoods. He said he has 1,000 officers who are Muslim. Cruz said the commissioner is a Democratic henchman.
I was going to go over to the nearest Muslim neighborhood to ask them what they think about Sen. Cruz’s idea when I realized there are no “Muslim neighborhoods” in Clinton – or likely anywhere else in the United States for that matter.
Cruz is the chairman of a Senate subcommittee in charge of NASA. NASA spends too much time studying Earth, the senator from Canada said, and should concentrate on space. Earth is not, I suppose, in space.
The Tedster said the federal government should repeal Common Core. Common Core is not a federal law, so it’s going to be tough to repeal.
Have you heard Cruz refer to Donald Trump as anything other than “Donald?” Never by both names. Never by Mr. Trump. Always, just “Donald.”
But, to be fair (and I’m nothing if not fair), Ted Cruz is not the only politico who’s making a trip into Wackytown these days.
Sarah Palin – remember her – is going to be a TV judge. I heard a late night host say she wants to get some legal experience before Donald Trump appoints her to the Supreme Court.
Palin’s husband had a serious snowmobile accident in Alaska and was rushed to the hospital. Palin was in Florida when she got the news.
She was so upset she rushed to a Trump campaign event. She didn’t rush to the airport to fly back to Alaska because, she told the crowd, “real life happens.”
The accident, she said, made her put things into perspective. Time is our most valuable resource, she said. So she used her time to campaign for Donald Trump rather than immediately going back to Alaska.
Her husband’s critical accident, she said at the campaign event, made her “appreciate the time that we have to spend in doing something so worthy and that’s to get Donald J. Trump elected president.”
I am not making that up. She really said that. Then she cussed and went back to Alaska to be with her man.
Facebook Congressman and others were highly disturbed that President Obama had a picture taken in Cuba in front of a monument to Che Guevara. The President didn’t build the monument, understand, he was just standing in front of it (with his back to it, in fact) when someone took a picture.
The audacity. No other President has ever had a picture made in front of a statue, monument or picture of anyone who is not a Southern Baptist Christian. No, wait.
Do I think the Cuban government is oppressive and brutal? Yep. Do I think President Obama going to Cuba will make the Castros behave? Nope. Do I think the picture with Guevara in the background (he was executed in Bolivia in 1967) indicates anything at all about the President? Nope.
One of those commenting to the FC’s post said the President should be in front of a firing squad. Another said nothing better than “used toilet paper has ever come out of Kenya.”
I am embarrassed by fools and those who encourage them.

(Larry Franklin is publisher of The Chronicle. His email address is lfranklin@clintonchronicle.com. His blog can be read on www.MyClintonNews.com.)

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