The Prez sure knows how to get y'all stirred up

We interrupt our not-regularly-scheduled retirement update to ask you this: which part of freedom (be it expression, speech, assembly) do you freaking not understand?
Oh. And by the way, your president is a complete idiot. Nope. Take that back. He’s an evil genius. He is a mastermind in changing the narrative away from what a complete and total flop he is to those horrible SOBs in the NFL.
White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders Huckabee said it’s OK for prez to call NFL players who kneel SOBs. Her Southern Baptist preacher father must have taught her differently than my Southern Baptist preacher father taught me.
My daddy would tell you it’s never OK to call somebody with whom you disagree an SOB. It’s a lesson I can’t say I’ve learned, but I know it’s not appropriate.
The prez sure knows how to get y’all stirred up.
I don’t care what you think – it’s not disrespectful to the military not to stand for the national anthem. The members of the United States military are willing to go to war to give members of the NFL the freedom (refer to first paragraph) not to stand for the anthem.
That’s what freedom means. The right to do something that I, personally, might disagree with. Just because I disagree with your actions doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong.
I have always stood for the national anthem and stood, quietly, with my right hand over my heart. I love the anthem. But just because that’s what I choose to do doesn’t mean in any way that I love America more than someone who decides to kneel.
I would argue they are putting their love for America and its people into action. Even if that action causes them to be called an SOB by the goober in chief.
I’ve never had a desire to kneel during the anthem. But I’ve never been discriminated against because of my race. Never. Remember, that’s the whole reason behind the NFL/NBA protest. It’s not about the military or even the flag.
It’s about black people being treated differently by law enforcement because they are black.
If you’re a white person, you can’t understand the perspective of the black players and others. I can’t and you can’t.
But, answer this question truthfully. If you were sitting at home in your den last Sunday at the beginning of one of the NFL games (or the NASCAR race in New Hampshire), did you jump up and stand with your right hand over your heart when the anthem was played/sung?
If you were at Williams-Brice or Memorial Stadium at the last home game, did you stand quietly for the anthem? What if you were finally at the front of a long line at the concession stand? Did you stop right in the middle of giving your nacho order for the entire 2.4 minutes while the anthem was played?
What if you had finally reached the urine trough? Did you stand at attention with your left arm by your side and your right hand over your heart? Did the guy standing next to you get pretty angry if you did?
Listen, y’all. Your president is playing all of us – but mostly y’all – like a cheap banjo (shout out to Doug Shenton).
I’m smart enough to see that. I wish more of you were.

(Larry Franklin is retired publisher of The Chronicle.)

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