Facebook pictures of pets and food should be against the law

Let’s take a break from the Larry Franklin Farewell Tour to talk about a couple matters of much greater import.
I know that President Trump and Rep. Jeff Duncan and Bill O’Reilly have a lot of important things to….hold on, I’m getting a message in my earpiece. Oh. Well. No surprise there.
I know that President Trump and Rep. Jeff Duncan and Tucker Carlson have a lot of important things to take care of.
There’s a wall to build. And a bill to send to Mexico. Will we accept payment with a credit card? The credit card company will charge us 7% -- on $4 billion, that’s a lot of tacos.
There’s a health care plan to vote down over and over and over. We’ve got to make people understand if they have something wrong with them – a pre-existing condition – it’s because they don’t love Jesus enough. The rest of us shouldn’t have to pay for that, now, should we?
There’s a new $1.5 trillion budget to get implemented. There’s a new tax plan to put in place that won’t come even close to paying for half the new budget.
(Thoughtful Republicans and trouble-making Democrats will wonder what the combination of a huge new budget and a lower-revenue producing tax rate will do to the deficit, but apparently that word is no longer part of the political discussion in Washington.)
There’s North Korea – which is dictated by a “smart cookie” – to deal with. If they can keep a missile from blowing up in the air, they could cause us problems.
There’s all those new manufacturing facilities we’ve got to build for all the jobs President Trump is bringing back from Mexico and from overseas. Oh, and we’ve got to fix our roads and bridges. The feds are talking about increasing the federal gas tax and, somehow, that’s OK. (Please don’t get confused with the likely increase in the state gasoline tax.)
The good news out of Washington is that the U.S. has saved millions, literally millions on electric bills because most of the time the capitol is empty and the members of Congress are on vacation. I just hope the last guy out remembers to turn down the thermostat.
The U.S. House was on vacation (yeh, yeh, they’re home “meeting with the people” – who agree with them) more days in April than I’ve had in 10 years.
I’m not jealous. I think a person should work for a paycheck. If we paid Congress by the hour, we’d have a balanced budget.
I said all that to say all this. Forget about all the “important” stuff facing our President and his helpers. I want Congress to pass and the President to sign a law (someone will have to explain to Mr. Trump what that is since he hasn’t signed one yet) that it’s illegal to post on Facebook a picture/video of either your pet or what you had to eat.
The pet exclusion will be extended to all animals, not just your “fur babies.” Facebookers should be required by federal law to focus on the important stuff – what their kids did and what the sunset looked like last night on Hwy. 76 near Laurens.
The second thing, the President and others need to fix is..hold on while I compose myself…the infuriation of boxes with tabs that say “Pull here to open,” but when you pull to open, the tab breaks off and your box ain’t open.
What do you do then? How do you get to your Frosted Mini-Wheats? Or the Cheez-Its?
Focus, people, on the really important things facing us as a God-fearing country filled with people who really don’t like people who don’t look or think like us.
Finally, for all my Republican friends. You have been duped with your pants on. You need to admit it, seek redemption and do something about The Orange Man.

(Larry Franklin is publisher of The Chronicle. His blog is available on MyClintonNews.com.)

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